Sunday, September 6, 2009

Handmade by Kittee

Other than my girl Nikki, Kittee is pretty much the cutest girl I know. Kittee was one of the best New Orleanians until she recently moved to the greener pastures of Portland, Oregon. She is certainly the best person in Portland, a city that I have never been to and where I know no one but that I am certain could not possibly deserve her.

Aside from being outrageous cute, Kittee also happens to be one of the craftiest of all God's children (and a vegan chef of such ability that her cooking makes veganism seem to be a lifestyle choice of ridiculous indulgence rather than shirt-haired deprivation). For our little girl, whose due date is today but who has not yet arrived, Kittee made a closet full of beautiful, vegan, knitted sweaters. Each is a work of art.

I am especially fond of the baby shrug, the nicest baby shrug in existence. That shrug makes every other garment in the world wish it hadn't been born. It's why God made fiber.

Can you believe it?


  1. Your crafty vegan chef friend Kittee sure came to the right place. I'm sure she'll find a lot of like-minded folks in Portland. And she's just in time for the Muddy Boot Festival.

    (I found you via another Johnnie.)

  2. I like the Helen Hill reference the best. You are a good one, Billy Southern, but your initials are BS for a reason.